When The Lights Go Out in the Nursery

One year on Christmas Eve I received a toy horse. It was made of a hard plastic; its tail, legs, and neck were stiff, not pliable. This made the gift difficult to play with, but it was beautifully crafted and meticulously painted a warm gray color. I knew it was mostly meant to be decorative, but that evening I sat… Read more »

To the Park Bench Where I Nursed My Daughter

Dear County Park Bench, I saw you today for the first time in many months. When we last met it was June 2014. My baby daughter was only three weeks old, and I was in over my head. Way over my head. Do you remember us? We remember you. It was a hot day. Almost 90 degrees. I had my… Read more »

Motherhood & the Four Leaf Clover

Some days just weigh me down. Especially hot ones in August, when swollen, overcast skies threaten to ruin our afternoon walk. My husband is out at Home Depot again. It’s just the baby and me, and her mood swings are rampant, as I was able to detect at least four new teeth coming in—my mother has begun to call her… Read more »

Where Did You Go, Mommy?

Note: A post I wrote about six months ago. Things have improved a bit since then! On Wednesdays, I teach classes at a local college and my mother-in-law cares for my 7.5 month old daughter. She always does great with her grandma, and seems to forget about my existence until I return at the end of the day. When my… Read more »

Come Read My Work at Mamalode!

A month ago, I was THRILLED to find out that Mamalode would be publishing  my essay, “My Mother’s Landline.” This is my first “mom” piece to ever go live! I’m honored that Mamalode was able to give me such a great head start as I attempt to break into this virtual world of parents and writers. Please read the piece… Read more »

Crawling Through Winter

Note: I originally wrote this piece back in March, and posted it to my former blog. I figured it was relevant to share today, since my baby began walking yesterday! Goes to show you…it really does “go by so fast.” Enjoy. Every day since New Year’s I’ve stared at my kitchen calendar. Each day in January seemed to inch along… Read more »

A Simple Message to All the Almost Mamas

Hey you about to give birth to your first child… I’ve been where you are. My daughter turns one in less than a month, and I’m no expert, my experience is limited, but I’ve been where you are. I too, was once overwhelmingly perplexed by breast pumps, crib bumpers, receiving blankets, clothing sizes, car seats, and diaper rashes. I know… Read more »

Five Things I’ve Learned about Life in the First Year of Motherhood

The first year of parenthood is like a crash course in life. I’m not saying having a baby has turned me into the Dali Lama, but being a mother, if only for a mere blip in the span of time, has taught me much about this crazy ride we call life. 1. Time is Like a Rubber band-Imagine you are… Read more »

The Unfulfilled Mother

My daughter is just one year’s old. Hardly a seafaring age, but lately I find myself dreading that inevitable day when she leaves home. Premature? I’ll say. But here’s the thing: I live next door to my parents—yes, Everybody Loves Raymond style (thank goodness my mom and dad are nothing like the Barone’s), but if truth be told, I’m both… Read more »